Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League MYSG Season 6 (MPL MYSG) is the premier esports league for Mobile Legends: Bang Bang in Malaysia and Singapore. The entire league is ran online – covering a qualifier stage, a Regular Season and a Playoffs event where the final 8 teams will battle for a share of the US$100,000 prize pool. The entire tournament is streamed live on MLBB’s Facebook page.

MPL MYSG Season 6 is presented by Moonton and powered by the Official Digital Telco, Yoodo.

The league was officially established in 2017 and IDNS SG was the Season 1 champion. Season 2 ran from August to October 2018 and saw Saiyan Reborn defy the odds to be the first Malaysian team to win the title. Season 3 was held between January and April 2019. This time, Malaysian squad Geek Fam emerged as victors. Season 4 saw EVOS Esports SG emerge victorious, after a very back and forth grand finals. Resurgence came out on top for Season 5 after a very impressive dominant run throughout the entirety of the season.

Resurgence from Singapore managed to clutch the championship after a very dominant performance from start to finish for Season 5. Their line-up included captain Kayzeepi, Jason, ly4ly4ly4, Sana, SynC, and XCP.

ly4ly4ly4 was awarded the Grand Final MVP for his outstanding performance. Players ly4ly4ly4, SynC and Jason were the first ever two-time champions.  

EVOS Esports SG from Singapore managed to clutch a solid championship after a very back and forth grand finals tussle. Having coming up as first runner ups for 2 times throughout previous seasons, the third time was truly the charm. Their team included Ace, JPL, OhDeerBambi, Potato and Soul.

Potato was awarded the regular season MVP title for his exceptional performance. The team took home US$32,500 for winning Season 4.

Geek Fam from Malaysia was the second Malaysian team to lift the MPL MYSG trophy. Their team included captain 2ez4Jepv, Rippo, Xorn, Artz, Dominus and Feekz.

NARA Esports’ Eric X was awarded the Regular Season MVP, whereas Dominus earned the grand final MVP title for outstanding performances as the team’s Mage/Assassin player. The team took home US$31,100 for winning Season 3.

Saiyan Reborn from Malaysia became the first Malaysian team to be crowned the MPL MYSG champion. Their squad consisted of captain Silo, Evilx, Rynn, Loong, Jinn and Lacid.

AirAsia Saiyan’s Soloz was awarded the Regular Season MVP, whereas Loong of Reborn earned the grand final MVP title for his amazing Mage plays. The champion team took home US$31,000.

IDNS SG from Singapore was the inaugural MPL MYSG champion. Their line-up included captain Mr. Vi, JasonKoh, Kid, Ly4ly4ly4, wQxD and SynC.

Team Saiyan’s Fredo was awarded the Regular Season MVP, whereas Mr. Vi earned the grand final MVP title for being an excellent tank who initiated fights and protected his teammates. IDNS SG took home US$30,907.