The MPL MY/SG Playoff is finally here! The best of Malaysia and Singapore will face off in a definitive showdown over the next 3 days. Will there be a first two-time champion among us? Or will there be a new champion that rises above all? Be sure to tune in and witness all the action right here LIVE. It all comes down to this – It’s all or nothing!

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Todak makes history with the first-ever perfect season and championship in MPL MY/SG

Undefeated from start to finish. Todak has made history by being the first team in MPL MY/SG to perfect run the regular season and the…

by Moonton
November 4, 2020

MPL MY/SG Season 6: Todak finishes perfect, Resurgence takes second place

They are masters of the SEA. In the final deciding week of MPL MY/SG Season 6, it was a race for qualifying for playoffs and…

by Moonton
October 6, 2020

MPL MY/SG Week 5: Todak is king of the ocean

With a perfect streak, they are the ultimate apex predators. In the second last week of MPL MY/SG Season 6, Resurgence and Todak were in…

by Moonton
September 30, 2020

MPL MY/SG Week 4: Todak remain perfect, Resurgence rise to second place

These two teams will face off next week. As we enter the second half of Season 6 of MPL MY/SG, teams are trying to win…

by Moonton
September 27, 2020

MPL MY/SG Week 3: Todak reigns over all

Like a fish in water. Todak and Red Reborn both had a perfect record at the end of MPL MY/SG Week 2. Their clash on…

by Moonton
September 17, 2020

MPL MY/SG Week 2: Red Reborn and Todak extend their perfect streak

Red is the new orange. Red Reborn, consisting of members from Orange Esports Reborn in Season 5, extend their perfect streak going into MPL MY/SG…

by Moonton
September 17, 2020

Participating Teams

Divinity esports

evos sg



orange louvre Esports

red reborn


team bosskurr

team smg


Playoff schedule

Friday,23 October 2020

Saturday,24 October 2020

Sunday,25 October 2020

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