They are masters of the SEA.

In the final deciding week of MPL MY/SG Season 6, it was a race for qualifying for playoffs and seeding. Todak played their final two matches in Week 6 and won them both, completing their perfect season run.

They are the second team in MPL MY/SG to ever do so, after Nara Esports had a perfect regular season record in Season 3.

Resurgence swept Red Reborn 2-0, which locked them in second. EVOS SG finished strong by winning their series against Team Bosskurr and Divinity Esports, solidifying third place on the ladder.


  • Todak 2 – 1 Team SMG
  • Orange Louvre Esports 2 – 0 Geek Fam
  • Divinity Esports 1 – 2 Todak
  • Team Bosskurr 1 – 2 EVOS SG
  • Orange Louvre Esports 2 – 0 Forsaken
  • Red Reborn 0 – 2 Resurgence
  • Forsaken 0 – 2 Team SMG
  • Divinity Esports 0 – 2 EVOS SG

Match of the week: Red Reborn vs Resurgence

After a very competitive series against Todak last week that ended 1-2 for Resurgence, they looked determined to finish the season strong in their last match against Red Reborn.

With Fossa taking Lim “ly4ly4ly4” Yang’s place, Resurgence started to shake things up in game one by denying Ling from Mal. They put together a team composition that’s strong in the early game and had buff invasion capabilities. This forced Red Reborn to be creative with their draft, picking off-meta heroes to deal with what Resurgence was planning.

Screenshot by Amanda Tan/ONE Esports

Knowing that they had to be aggressive at level one, Resurgence out rotated and outplayed Red Reborn at every juncture. Just two minutes into the game, Red Reborn spotted Fossa at his own red buff. Chakbu and Mom decided to contest it.

They almost took down Fossa’s Ling, but he miraculously escaped with a sliver of health, and with that Resurgence turned the situation around and added two more kills on the board.

Red Reborn however, were not deterred. They traded kills and towers, and evened up the gold as they ramped up for the late game. Near the 15 minute mark however, everything changed around Lord.

Ho “SyиC” Ee Hong on Khaleed camped in a bush behind enemy lines. Red Reborn did not spot him, and engaged onto Jawhead. Even though they took one down, SyиC’s Khaleed and Fossa’s Ling went all out from the flank, with Brandon “Sana” Loh on his signature hero Thamuz, grabbing a triple kill for the win.

For being a playmaker, setting his team up for success and dealing the most damage on Resurgence, SyиC was awarded the MVP.

Screenshot by Amanda Tan/ONE Esports

On blue side, Red Reborn in game two were the ones who got their hands on Khaleed and Ling instead. They also packed a punch with Chou, and threw in hyper carry Claude in the mix to lane against Roger because Khaleed would have a hard time otherwise.

Screenshot by Amanda Tan/ONE Esports

Again both teams were out for blood, but Resurgence this time got an early lead thanks to Eugene “Kayzeepi” Kong’s playmaking skills on Jawhead. They held onto it and snowballed even harder during a midgame brawl in the mid lane.

Luring Red Reborn in, Kayzeepi caused them to chase a little too far, which gave SyиC a great angle to flank from the side on Ruby, extending their gold lead to 5,000.

Red Reborn defended their base, and continued to hold onto the game despite the gold discrepancy. During their last stand, Red Reborn thought they got the jump onto Resurgence at the bot lane as Mom and Cakbu hid in the bush, ready to initiate.

Sana and Jason however, were too fast, and completely evaded Raging Sandstorm. This bought enough time for the rest of Resurgence to group up, keep up the pressure, and find their second victory.


  1. Todak (9-0)
  2. Resurgence (7-2)
  3. EVOS SG (6-3)
  4. Red Reborn (6-3)
  5. Orange Louvre Esports (5-4)
  6. Team SMG (5-4)
  7. Geek Fam (3-6)
  8. Team Bosskurr (3-7)
  9. Divinity Esports (2-7)
  10. Forsaken (0-9)

The top eight teams will be advancing to the playoffs. Moonton will announce the playoffs schedule soon.

Article courtesy of ONE Esports. Original article can be found here