These two teams will face off next week.

As we enter the second half of Season 6 of MPL MY/SG, teams are trying to win every match as they shoot for the playoffs. Todak have so far proven to be the team to beat this season, while Resurgence completed another victorious week.

Todak maintained their perfect streak after defeating EVOS SG 2-1 in their only match in Week 4. Resurgence easily swept Forsaken before reverse sweeping EVOS SG the next day.

It was also a good week for Team SMG, who are bouncing back from a shaky start. They penned down a perfect week, taking two straight games off Team Bosskurr, and handed Red Reborn their second loss of the season.


  • Team SMG 2 – 0 Team Bosskurr
  • Red Reborn 2 – 1 Orange Louvre Esports
  • Team SMG 2 – 0 Red Reborn
  • EVOS SG 1 – 2 Todak
  • Resurgence 2 – 0 Forsaken
  • Resurgence 2 – 1 EVOS SG
  • Divinity Esports 0 – 2 Orange Louvre Esports
  • Geek Fam 2 – 0 Forsaken

Match of the week: Resurgence vs. EVOS SG

EVOS SG were looking for their first match win of the week after falling to Todak 1-2 the day before. Resurgence on the other hand, were riding on momentum after sweeping Forsaken 2-0.

Resurgence opted for a double mage composition in game one, and boldly locked in Diggie as a last pick on blue side which helped them win game two against Orange Louvre Esports in Week 2.

Screenshot by Amanda Tan/ONE Esports

Unfortunately for Resurgence, the ‘Feeding Diggie‘ strategy didn’t go as planned. In the early game, Eugene “Kayzeepi” Kong got two kills in mid lane, which reset his gold bounty. EVOS SG too, showed that they knew exactly how to counter the strategy by continually pressuring side lanes.

Before they knew it, Resurgence’s side lanes crumbled, with Sana’s Jawhead sitting on a 0/2/0 score line. This made the ‘Feeding Diggie’ strategy ineffective, as Resurgence was trailing, and could not capitalize on the information that their captain was giving them.

Utilizing the second Lord of the game, EVOS SG downed all three turrets in base for a smooth first game win.

On blue side, EVOS SG were able to first pick Hilda, who wasn’t banned this time around. MPL MY/SG English casters favored their draft because all their heroes had answers for what Resurgence was going for. On red side, Resurgence did not draft reliable peel aside from Chou, and went with Luo Yi as a last pick for early game damage.

The presence of Aeon’s Hilda in the mid lane was felt greatly. He forced Resurgence’s mid lane to play defensively, and even brought down Lim “ly4ly4ly4” Yang’s Yi Sun-Shin to less than a bar of health, which made him recall less than one minute and thirty seconds into the game.

Each team traded kill for kill until the midgame, when Resurgence pulled ahead. Brandon “Sana” Loh’s Alice took down one in a 2v1 at top, while Ho “SyиC” Ee Hong’s Balmond scored a double kill.

With the first Lord, the Resurgence team fought well as they daringly pushed into EVOS SG’s base on low health bars. They then wiped out the three remaining members of EVOS SG, evening up the score in just under 13 minutes.

Screenshot by Amanda Tan/ONE Esports

With EVOS seeing the need to ban Balmond on red side, Khaleed was freed up for Resurgence who was back on blue. They also managed to get their hands on Chou and Pharsa, and last picked Thamuz for Sana, one of his signature heroes, which rounded up a comfortable team composition for Resurgence.

Game three started off with a bang. SyиC’s Khaleed barely made it out of a 2v1 thanks to Khaleed’s Quicksand Guard. Jason on Pharsa quickly rotated to top, catching out Pokemon’s X.Borg with a perfectly lined up Flameshot for first blood.

From there, Resurgence made quick work of EVOS SG. Before 10 minutes, they pulled ahead nine kills to five, four of which were on Jason’s Pharsa. With a 100% kill participation, Resurgence looked well-practiced playing around him from early to mid game as Wan Wan farmed up.

On Chou, Kayzeepi disrupted enemy lines 1v4 around Lord which set things up perfectly for his team to collapse. Resurgence wiped out EVOS SG to triump in 11 minutes, the fastest game of the series.

As expected, Jason took home the MVP for his outstanding performance on Pharsa. Scoring a perfect KDA of 5/0/9, he dealt 4,500 damage per minute, which totaled to more than 50,000 in game three alone.


  1. Todak (6-0)
  2. Resurgence (6-1)
  3. Red Reborn (5-2)
  4. EVOS SG (3-3)
  5. Geek Fam (3-3)
  6. Team SMG (2-3)
  7. Orange Louvre Esports (2-4)
  8. Divinity Esports (2-4)
  9. Team Bosskurr (1-5)
  10. Forsaken (0-5)

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